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SPARK New Building, Christchurch

With this project we are installing the insulation requirements to mechanical services, hydraulic services, Siphonic drainage pipe-work requirements & acoustic insulation to waste water stacks.

The mechanical pipe-work is exposed in the building layout, the requirement from our client is to ensure the insulation looks neat, all joins on the insulation to be hidden, where we are cutting the insulation to exactly the same lengths where the joins are hidden under the pipe clamps. Mitered and angled cuts to all corners are detailed in such a way that they all line up.

It’s looking awesome so far……

Pipe-work varied from 15mm – 80mm diameter (inside the building envelope)

Armaflex FV 19mm, 32mm wall thickness has been installed to date, all exposed.

Spark 4877 2
Spark 4877 3
Spark 20190521 142203
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