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360 Fire Protection

360 Contractors Limited, are certified and approved for the supply and install of passive fire products for Mechanical, HVAC, Hydraulic, Plumbing penetrations.

Our staff are expertly skilled and trained to complete all types of penetrations on the building site. This work can be completed along with the insulation installation or as a separate contract for the passive fire penetrations.

Our vision is that fire protection needs to be done once and done well, it’s an area in the construction process that requires skilled, neat installations completed. After the completion of the work we complete a Q.A assessment by one of our certifiers, once signed off. We employ an independent certified company to complete a site investigation and provide a producer statement, which provides the client with the comfort and satisfaction knowing the work is completed.

No project too small, no project too big.

360 – are keen to partner on new builds and refurbishment of existing projects where there is a requirement to have the installation of passive fire correct.

**If required, we will also arrange yearly inspections of the completed works to ensure the building is still compliant, providing the owner with a report to satisfy insurers and occupants that the building is safe.

Give 360 Contractors Christchurch a call to have a friendly chat about your requirements.

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